Call Tracking Solution: A Note On Tracking Stages

When you get a call from a prospective client or CALLBOX, the software will let you know of the source of advertisement. Here are the three tracking stages for a customer call.

1. Basic-call tracking

This call tracking solution focuses on single business number which enables to track and monitor criteria including number of calls made, location and duration. Basic tracking forms may be effective under certain circumstances, but there is requirement for sophisticated software to help out with advanced situations.

2. Campaign-based tracking

Businesses tend to run several campaigns and this type of tracking allows calls made through each campaign. Each of these represents specific entity which further makes marketing and sales efficient.

3. Generation of dynamic number

This method involves a key phrase that automatically replaces the business phone number with a reusable, unique number from your number pool. This unique number help you trace out which key phrase lead the user call you.